Choosing yourself each day is a way of self love. Make sure you follow through with promises you make to yourself, you will be disappointed if you can’t even count on yourself 

When it comes to choosing yourself first, it always seems to be a very difficult choice, because we constantly put our feelings, our dreams or desires, even our own happiness, at the last place and we have the habit of giving priority to others. Many people and mainly women who give priority to others than themselves. But during a danger moment, the advice is always to set your own safety first and then that of others. Why is this so difficult in daily life? Especially when we are mothers, we soon have the feeling that we only live for the children and that is why their happiness is more important than ours. 

As human beings, we don’t always have the privilege of leading our lives as we would prefer to lead. But that doesn’t take the privilege of dreaming, because each one of us unknowingly or consciously we are wakeing up or walking around  with thousands thogths, dreams and wishes that we would like to fulfill. That is why I believe, that if you want to choose for yourself, you must be aware of who you are, aware of your dreams and desires. Pay particular attention to the fact that every choice you make always has the advantages and disadvantages. 

Everything worth having costs something, and the price of true love is self-knowledge, Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.

The reality is that sometimes we are afraid of the unknown, because things we don’t know make us scared, insecure and these feelings aren’t a good feeling to have especially when you try to make a decision about your life. When things or a path is unknown we don’t have the courage to go through it because it doesn’t guarantee us the security we need. But somehow we need to learn on how to feed our curiosity, we need to have broad minds so we can get out of our comfort and learn to know ourselves better so we can choose ourselves each day again. Because the moment you start to see advantages of choosing yourself and what you can do for yourself, by yourself, you will not allow people to take you for granted. You unconsciously develop more and more self-love. The process of prioritizing ourselves also requires, self-discipline of ourselves because after we have learned how to choose ourselves, some people may no longer want to talk to us or be close to us. But it doesn’t matter who no longer talks to us during the process, regardless of how many friends or loved ones you risk losing. You always have to choose, because if you don’t do it, others won’t do it for you. 

The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore. 

Although for some people this isn’t so clear who they are or want to become, that’s why the boundaries are fading away, especially when you depend on other people’s needs. Because if you consciously choose something you want to do, let is be something you really want deep inside and not because it’s imposed by someone else. Obviously not to plump someone else or expect something in return. If you need to choose more for yourself, take on the challenge by doing what you really want from now on. It can help to find out for a few days which choices you made because you really wanted to and which choices you made to meet the expectations of others. Once you have become aware of what you want, take your own needs and seriously and live by it. Choosing for yourself requires strength, but if you don’t … no one else will do it for you. 

Find the love you seek, by first finding the love within yourself. Learn to rest in that place within you that is your true home. 

I hope you like it.  Have a beautiful day and may God bless you above all your  expectations

– HERCHAPTER – By Custodia Chineva-



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  • Reply
    nicole orriens
    22 October 2019 at 07:14

    Ik houd heel erg van de kleur groen dus ik vind je jurk prachtig. Het model vind ik ook erg leuk. Waardering voor jezelf is inderdaad belangrijk om anderen te kunnen waarderen.

  • Reply
    21 October 2019 at 10:33

    […] my previous blog I wrote about  why choosing yourself gives you strenght, I personally think that, in order to achieve our goals it’s important to first choose for […]

  • Reply
    Melanie Hoogvliet
    30 September 2019 at 09:27

    Choosing yourself each day is a way of self love. Make sure you follow through with promises you make to yourself, you will be disappointed if you can’t even count on yourself. Deze zin zegt alles. Mijn moeder leerde mij vroeger altijd dat je niet van een ander kan houden zolang je niet van je zelf houdt. Als je van jezelf houdt dan zorg je ook goed voor jezelf.

  • Reply
    30 September 2019 at 09:08

    Zo herkenbaar! Ik heb de afgelopen maanden mezelf helemaal terug gevonden dankzij coaching en mezelf op de eerste plek zetten. Ben er nog lang niet, maar dit is zo belangrijk!

  • Reply
    30 September 2019 at 08:15

    Prachtig geschreven, de jaren dat mijn kinderen klein waren, was ik mezelf ook echt kwijt. Alles draaide om hun en er was geen tijd voor me-time. Nu zijn ze ouder en draait nog veel om hen, maar ikke ook weer terug. Ik kleed me elke dag weer mooi en niet alleen maar comfortabel. Hierdoor voel ik me zelf ook beter.

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