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Meet the woman behind this amazing bag, her name is Muka van Eyken, the creative brain behind her company MukaCariza. She designs colorful products with her life story. She uses leather and unique colorful fabric designs, inspired by her childhood in Rwanda, which is connect Africa and Europe. The designs on cotton tell her life story:

The will to survive and were giving up never got the chance. Everyone has his own backpack.

MukaCariza stands for that little bit of luck, a push in the back if it is not going well. That little motivation to continue. But it also stands for unique, special and different than usual. In short: be yourself, there are already enough others. In her backpack, she has the potential to positively determine her future. From her eventful life, she creates art that she wants to share with the world. Her vision is: be yourself because there are already enough others. Her mission is to bring the world around her together and build a world where diversity is the standard. She would like to take you on an adventure in her world of experience, the world of MukaCariza.

Step with this bag in the world of MukaCariza with her African-European symbols and characters in a beautiful subject. Simple and refined at the same time, born of love for her children and her survival power.

The bag with the MukaCaria design is a wonderful combination of past, present, and future with text that refers to a certain life, but at the same time to everyone’s life. Her colors remind her of her mother, colors that are international, which are both indisputably individual and focused on the whole world. Her characters that have been sketched from an eventful life, which we can enjoy in this simple but refined subject. The symbolic, mysterious values simultaneously feel warm and with a passionate look full of inner strength and strength, intensity and finery, all this comes together in this special bag from MukaCariza.

I have styled this look with neutral tones to bring the bag well forward, not that it was necessary, because this bag has a very strong feature, it is a sturdy bag which makes it so practical for someone with a very busy day or lifestyl, it has a lot of space for books, laptop and more. Besides being a very practical bag, it’s also a super modern bag that can be used by two different sides. One side of the bag is leather that you can use with any kind of outfits and on the other side of the bag you have a beautiful print that can change your sense of well-being because it is a print that conveys something positive that gives you a self-confident expression if you walk through the street with his bag.

For more information please visit her website where you can find all information you may need. Thank you for reading. 

I hope you like it.  Have a beautiful day and may God bless you above all your  expectations
– HERCHAPTER – By Custodia Chineva-






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