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Hello beautiful people, its have been a while but the time has passed so fast. We are now in February yeah.  I hope everyone has had a good time this holiday season, as it should be and hope you have received the positive energy for everything that it comes your way.  ( I know I’m late 🙁  I’m sorry )

I like it when we get the chance to see the beginning of something, such as the birth of a new life, a new month or the beginning of a relationship, but the beginning of a new year is where everything seems to start. It makes me think about life in general. The birth of a new life reminds me how valuable it is to have a new life around us, it brings so much joy and it makes us enjoy life even more and it also makes us aware of our own lives. Because, we all grew up with dreams and plans for our future, some of them become reality and others don’t. The most important thing is that as long as there is life in us, we can always start over. The advantage of time is that it brings a new chance to restart everything within its reach. The opportunities that time offers us can only be realized if we have a capacity of not to give up quickly.

If we are not aware of our own dreams and goals, we will often walk around with thoughts or with the question… What happened to the life we had planned when we were children? When we get the question if what does it want to be in the future? No one ever says, “I just want to be happy,” but why? Perhaps because we have never previously taught ourselves to be happy first before becoming something or someone in the future.

The beginning of a new stage brings new goals, those goals need time to be achieved this time is necessary to reflect on how we will make these goals become reality. But more important is to realize that we don’t have to do everything in one day, because a month doesn’t end in a day, for example, so a child knows how to walk should first know how to crawl and then how to get up or how to give the first steps in steps and this return takes time and determination. That’s how we should think when we are reflecting our own goals, even though we have completed them. Everything in life takes time, even time also needs to wait for time. Timing is everything, it heals wounds and answering questions. Everything takes time to be what it is supposed to be. Although we can get impatient and try to force the thing through our way. I love the green color, it reminds me of spring and something new, when I think of the color green, it gives me a happy feeling and it brings me to my childhood. This outfit gives me pleasure, the green skirt is like a flower that is ready to bloom. Green is such a hopeful and positive color, I hope you take time in everything you want to achieve in your life but do not forget to enjoy the way of your time.

I hope you like it.  Have a beautiful day and may God bless you above all your  expectations
– HERCHAPTER – By Custodia Chineva-




  Hello loves! Welcome to my blog, that goes by de name herchapter. I'm Custodia and I was born and raised in Angola, I live more than 15 years in Holland. I want to welcome you into my little world, here you will get to know the creative side of my life. Herchapter is about my love for fashion, writing and read

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