Hello lovelies, thank you for the love on my last post. I appreciate it ❤️

On today chapter is all about getting your self feeling great and confident. Just by wearing the prefect clothes.

There are days that I don’t feel like getting out of my bed, on such day I like to stay longer on my bed. I think about life and how great it would be if I could just lay here and do nothing for whole day. Luckily this feeling doesn’t  last for long, because duties of life remind me that lying down doesn’t solve anything. That my dreams are only going to be come reality, if I get up and go after the dreams I want to accomplish so much.

 ” ONLY IN OUR DREAMS ARE WE FREE. tHE REST OF THE TIME WE NEED to search for the meaning of life.”

When these days arrive, my female intuition responds in a super active way. I prepare myself in such a way that my appearance speaks with so much self-esteem. On this day, I have so much more self-confidence in my thoughts and decisions and it all happens when I’m not aware. I just forget I didn’t want to get out of my bed. But at the end of a day like this, I don’t forget to thank God for the strength and courage he has given me every day, especially on the days when I’m not aware.

This look has a male aspect, because if we think of a suit, we soon think of a man in a suit. But it’s no longer the case anymore. I see more and more women in suit, woman look good in a suit and it can be sexy and seductive, but that is what it makes look feminine. This suit has a very beautiful autumn color that we will see very often this upcoming season.

I styled this look with simple red shoe and a red bag, this color combination seemed very daerd but I needed on day like this one. I think the way we start our days can have an big impact on our whole day.

I always try to start my day with positive thoughts. Although sometimes the day gets a lot different than what I had planned, but that doesn’t make the day any less fun. There is always something that makes my day beautiful.( Jason)

❥ On my weakest days, they tell me you’re so stronger. I say I’d rather be happy •••❥

|| Suit and Bag: Zara ||

Shirt: H&M (old)

|| Shoes: Primark ||


” I can postpone death by living , suffering, by mistake, Risking , giving, losing.”


– HERCHAPTER – By: Custodia Chineva


  1. Het staat je prachtig en daarbij je straalt gewoon! Ik ben niet zo van de felle kleuren maar ga wel even op de site kijken welke kleuren ze nog meer hebben!

    • Oh wat een compliment, heel erg bedankt. Er zijn verschillende soort geel kleur, misschien zou er een tussen hangen die u wel goed zou staan, het is kwestie van proberen. Succes ✨💋✨💋🙏🏾

  2. Oeh ja, pakjes vind ik wel mooi staan bij vrouwen! Ik heb nogal een lichte huid, dus het geel zou mij niet zo leuk staan zoals bij jouw. Ik zou eerder voor donkerblauw gaan gecombineerd met een gekleurd accessoire dan 😉


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