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When I hear the word Ankara, I think of Turkey because we all know the capital of Turkey is Ankara. What many don’t know is that Ankara is also the name of the beautiful fabrics of Africa. The general term is Ankara, but there are many other terms to describe the African fabrics. Most people used the term African fabrics or even African wax prints, Dutch wax, they are so many names that the list is too long to write all of them down. Each country in Africa has a different term to define the Ankara fabric, the general theme of all African prints is vibrant cotton fabrics with tribal patterns. Ankara fabric was originally influenced by the Indonesian way of dyeing clothing called Batik, hence the reason why some may refer to it as such. However, ankara fabrics are made through the Dutch wax method.

This method all started between 1800 and 1899 in Indonesia under Dutch colonization. Many in Indonesia did not take to this kind of dyeing method, but it gained traction in Africa. The Dutch wax method spread quickly and became the standard in African clothing.
Each fabric tells a story about a country Ankara patterns are normally for formal African attire, however, it can be worn for informal events. One of the more popular patterns that most people are familiar with is the kente patterns. Kente pattern dates over 400 years, with its origin from the people of west Africa. Many ankara patterns include many vibrant tribal geometric designs. The ankara fabric is so valuable that it has become something cultural in Africa. The ankara fabric is widely used in traditional Angola wedding by the elderly ladies. And it’s also one of the most requested pieces in the traditional marriages of my country Angola. Probably because they already had the knowledge of the value that this the ankara fabric has. As a result, each province in Angola has its own ankara fabric, which represents the province during the traditional marriage or during a national event.

Today various designers produce their clothes with twists of the ankara fabric each season we see more and more of the ankara fabric on the runway. This past season I saw the new collection of Stella McCartney which she made only with ankara fabric. But there are also different designers that remain true to their roots and tradition while evoking different moods by using different finishings from the frabic with a different styling. Ankara clothing can look understated, without being dull, it can be simple, but textured, even elegant, but without looking unpretentious.

I believe in an infection of love, kindness, softness, and intelligence. Each time you make affection of kindness and love, each time someone gives a good advice, you change the mind of humanity in the right direction.

When I see someone in ankara clothing, it’s everything but never casual, it always looks over the top and beautiful, especially when it’s done well. Most of the time it’s unique because not all designers can work with ankara fabric.
The ankara fabric of this dress suits me very comfortable and effortless, this is the perfect transitional piece for in between seasons and it definitely makes for a great alternative to little black dress. The fabric of ankara relies on different aspects it is practical, lightweight yet rugged, warm but breathable. It is also a fabric that stands out in sartorial history for being synonymous without change, independence and freedom. It is a truly iconic and timeless style. You could travel back and forth with something that is made of ankara fabric without looking out of place.


This dress and both bags were a gift, which I’m forever thankful for. The mother of a friend of mine made this beautiful dress for me. I wanted something that fits me well and it was so difficult to choose an ankara fabric, they are so many and they are all so beautiful. This color spoke to me louder than the others. I feel so comfortable in this dress, it suits me so well. I styled it with dark shoes and red earrings to match the dress.

Beware of the half truth, you may have gotten hold of the wrong half.

I hope you like it.  Have a beautiful day and may God bless you above all your acceptation 💋

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  1. Wow prachtig, het staat je enorm goed, Die print is zo vrolijk, om blij van te worden De onderkant vind ik echt beeldschoon. Je hebt het ook heel mooi verwoord!


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