When it comes to emotions, we all have them, some of us can handle them well and others can’t and that is oky. Because there is no guide that can tell you how to handle your emotions, because emotions are very personal. it’s something that only you can experience in your own way and sometimes can be difficult to express or explain your feelings to other people. Especially if you don’t know how to control your own emotions. Emotions don’t have to be something negative, it’s belongs too who we are it’s a part of humanity. Everything that has to do with emotions is a way of communication, laughter, crying, sad, confused, exciting, overwhelming, etc., which makes communication with each other much easier.

Although there are people who choose not to feel because it takes too much energy to deal with emotions and it’s much easiest way is to block your emotions so you don’t feel it. But how beautiful can it be if you give yourself the space to experience and just feel your own emotions? Personally I am very emotional, I feel everything, I’m just like a sponge in the water, I take everything in and I find it very difficult to let it go. When I was young, I didn’t like this part of myself, I was so attached with my emotions and I didn’t know how to deal with my them, I could cry for anything.

The more I grew up, the more I needed to be less attached to my emotions. I’m a mother and I can’t cry at every children’s movie that I watch with my son (yes, literally every movie) or at every extravagant events at his school. I had to be an example for him and create a balance with my own emotion. So I started a self-discovery about how to handle my emotions also knowing that being emotional is one of my great qualities. Because I cry about everything no matter how annoying I found it but it happens without me being awere of it when I am happy I cry, my tears can flow like rain, I can cry for happy and bad situation. I had no influence whatsoever on my own emotions.  For many years I let my emotions determine my way of being. No matter how annoying and tiring I found it, I didn’t know how to handle it. Maturity sometimes comes with age, and so did my emotions.

 I increasingly gave priority to my mental health. I had to learn how to distinguish the main pockets and side pockets from my emotions. To handle my emotions well, I have also made conscious choices, such as looking more at myself and discovering where all my emotions come from and why have I been touched so lightly? I found this process very scary, because I could always fall back on my emotions and make myself known if I felt something. Imagine if I can no longer feel that? How Will I show my vulnerability or what do I replace my emotions with? I had this feeling for a long time, no matter how frightening I thought it was, I knew I wanted to do it. What drove me was constantly being clear with myself by being honest and not being afraid to criticize myself. I had to get to know myself better and better. The more I started to discover myself, the more I could control my emotions.

By doing this I also became aware that I would not live without crying, I would not like it if I could not cry anymore. Because for me crying is also a kind of therapy, by crying I express my feelings that I can’t express in words. By crying I can express my heart, by crying I tell my story without words. My goal was and will never be to never cry again but to learn how to deal with my emotions so that I can have more influence on where and when I can express my emotions and if necessary. Because I still think it’s so beautiful that people can show their emotions without setting limits between being weak and being stronger. No one is strengthened or weak by crying and being emotional. Being emotional is part of humanity, don’t let your emotions determine who you have to be.

I hope you like it. Have a beautiful day and may God bless you above all your expectations <3


– HERCHAPTER – By Custodia Chineva-

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  • Reply
    2 September 2019 at 21:00

    Heel mooi geschreven. De outfit staat je ook erg goed

  • Reply
    Melanie Hoogvliet
    6 July 2019 at 09:54

    Wat een mooie blog! Ik vind emoties mega lastig dus vind het knap dat je er mee hebt leren om gaan.

  • Reply
    6 July 2019 at 09:00

    The best way to deal with emotions is to accept them first. There is nothing wrong with being more emotional than others.

  • Reply
    nicole orriens
    5 July 2019 at 09:33

    Bij mij werkt de Headspace app goed om met gevoelens om te gaan. Die brengt wat rust in de storm : )

  • Reply
    5 July 2019 at 09:02

    Wat mooi geschreven Custodia en zo herkenbaar, die spons in het water. Ik ben ook erg emotioneel en vind het af en toe moeilijk hier mee om te gaans keer nu ik moeder ben. New at je zegt hoe meer je over jezelf omtrekt, hoe meer je je emoties onder controle kan houden.

  • Reply
    5 July 2019 at 08:43

    Emotions are beautiful, they are a way to express yourself. And with every person being unique, so are everyones emotions.

  • Reply
    5 July 2019 at 08:28

    Love it girl. You are strong and beautiful!

  • Reply
    5 July 2019 at 08:24

    Uitdaging is om toch jezelf te blijven. Als je emoties bij je horen, moet je ze gewoon accepteren. Je toont je gevoel, beter dan het op te kroppen

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