On this chapter of today, I am going to talk about why I like to wear skits and how I like to style theme. When I was younger I used to think wearing a long or wide skirt was for old people or for people who go church. But as I get older I come to realize, it not that at all. Wearing long or short skirts doesn’t define how I’m or who I want to be. First of all, it’s about finding how you are and then finding an identity style something that it fits you and you feel beautiful in it. I like to think that my style is very feminine and very classic and must of the time is very random.

But I also like to think that my style very diversity, I like to try things out and I like to think out of the box which can be scary sometimes, but I like some challenge. I think we all like being in our comfort zone. But so now and then is very necessaries to change your style. In my case, I like to switch between classic and casual chic. For me is about to find clothing I feel comfortable in it. Sometimes I have days that I only wanna wear skirts special when I go to a meeting, it gives me some kind of power like I can do anything just by being a woman in a skirt.










I like to wear skirts because the attitude that I have is, ‘I’m so excited to introduce myself to you.’ And I want to be wearing what I’d be wearing to a date or a dinner party.”

Besides a dress, skirt is the only thing I can’t stop buying, I love skirt as long they are not too short. I can wear the same skirt the whole week and still make it look like I’m wearing a different skirt. With a skirt, I can go anywhere or style it in many different ways. I love to wear a skirt because it gives me so many options to wear it, If I wear the same skirt for a week ( I don’t do it ) the only thing I need to change is my shoes and top, no one will notice that I’m wearing the same skirt. I can be very creative with a skirt special when is a black one. It’s a garment that can be styled in different ways, it doesn’t matter if it’s a wide od tight skirt I can style it in many ways. I can make it casual with flat shoes or make it chic by wearing it with high hills, it’s all up to me or the kind day I’m having.

This look is so girly, this is probably my favorite skirt ( I’m sure I’ll say the same thing on another skirt). I just love this skirt, I have it for almost 4 years and every time I wear it I get so much nice reaction which I love to get. Every time I feel confused or if I don’t have anything to wear this is my go-to skirt, it makes me feel elegant and comfortable at the same time, probably because it’s wid and I can wear it with any kind of top or blouse. Sometimes I like to wear it with a top and waistbelt so I can make look like a dress.

I styled this skirt with a soft pink blouse and to five some glitter and glamour on it I wear it with gold shoes and to finish this look I also wear golden accessories, which I think it fits the look so perfectly. I could wear this look to a dinner party or some fancy party. I really love the contrast that gold makes with black and that soft pink just give this look a feminine touch.

” I can postpone death by living, suffering, by making mistakes, Risking, giving, losing.”


I hope you like it, have a beautiful day and may God bless you above all your acceptation ?

– HERCHAPTER – By Custodia Chineva-


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